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The Australian – Humans ‘must be key in AI decisions’

Humans must have final say over decisions made by artificial intelligence, cyber expert Rachael Falk says, as she calls for greater public education and oversight of AI.


Big Tech has no claim to moral high ground

By Rachael Falk, as published in The Australian, 18 January 2021


Entering the grimy world of the dark web

As published in The Australian 10 December 2020


Cyber security has to be every company’s business 

Taking cyber security seriously means taking all necessary measures (given the resources of the organisation) to handle, protect, store and share that data with utmost care, protecting it from threats.


Black-hearted souls submerged in the darkest web

Crime can’t exist without secrets. And when it comes to keeping them, criminals have a knack for creativity.


Cyber security starts at the top

By Rachael Falk, CEO, Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre


Encrypted messages favour the worst of the worst

By Rachael Falk, CEO Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre


The Toll hack is a warning to every Australian business

By Rachael Falk, CEO Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre

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