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Governing Through a Cyber Crisis

The Cyber Governance Principles outlines how boards can comprehensively prepare for a cyber crisis through oversight of practices, processes and controls, data governance, testing and simulation.


Power Out? Solar inverters and the silent cyber threat

As Australia accelerates adoption of renewable energy sources, new cyber security vulnerabilities are being introduced through Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Cyber security concerns about these devices, notably photovoltaic inverters (solar inverters), have recently come to the fore, and policy solutions are required to help mitigate against the cyber security threats they pose.


Deciphering the DNS - What it is, how it works and why it’s critical

Every day across Australian cities and towns, millions of people log on to the Internet, for work and play. Yet, while many Australians rely on the Internet, very few understand how it operates and the vital strategic and security importance of the systems that underpin its operations.


Cloud Control: What the cloud is, what it does and how it can be securely adopted

Cloud technologies are widely used, benefitting all sectors of the Australian economy, yet many don’t understand how they work. This report explains what the cloud is, what it does and how it can be safely and securely adopted.


Underwritten or Oversold? How cyber insurance can hinder (or help) cyber security in Australia

This policy paper explores a number of issues related cyber insurance, with a focus on how it can hinder and help cyber security uplift across the Australian economy.

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