2020 Publications

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  1. De-mystifying the COVID-19 contact tracing apps
  2. FedEmail: Performance Measurement of Privacy-friendly Phishing Detection Enabled by Federated Learning
  3. DeepCapture: Image Spam Detection Using Deep Learning and Data Augmentation
  4. Evidence Weighted Tree Ensembles for Text Classification
  5. Achieving High Efficiency in Secure Outsourced Decision Tree Inference
  6. Privacy-Preserving Collaborative Analytics on Medical Time Series Data
  7. Detection-in-Depth in Industrial Control Systems Using Unsupervised Learning
  8. Identification, Tracking and Impact: Understanding the trade secret of catchphrases
  9. Text and phone calls: user behaviour and dual-channel communication prediction
  10. PUMiner: Mining Security Posts from Developer Question and Answer Websites with PU Learning
  11. An Efficient Privacy-preserving IoT System for Face Recognition
  12. Towards Secure Edge-assisted Image Sharing for Timely Disaster Situation Awareness
  13. #ArsonEmergency and Australia’s “Black Summer”: Polarisation and misinformation on social media
  14. Mining Questions Asked about Continuous Software Engineering: A Case Study of Stack Overflow
  15. HushRelay: A Privacy-Preserving, Efficient, and Scalable Routing Algorithm for Off-Chain Payments
  16. PhishZip: A New Compression-based Algorithm for Detecting Phishing Websites
  17. IoT Security Automation Using Machine Learning: Threat Landscape, Challenges and Future Directions
  18. Security and Forensics in the Internet of Things: Research Advances and Challenges
  19. A Framework of Military Wireless Body Area Networks Converged with Low Power Wide Area Networks
  20. Vulnerability Database as a Service for IoT Devices & Networks
  21. PLAR-PLuggable And Reprogrammable framework to secure IoT deployments
  22. Towards A Compressive-Sensing-Based Lightweight Encryption Scheme for the Internet of Things
  23. Threat Detection in the IoT Domain: Challenges and Future Directions
  24. Architectural resilience in Cloud, Fog and Edge systems: A survey
  25. Sequence Data Matching and Beyond: New Privacy-preserving Primitives based on Bloom Filters
  26. Blockchainising Supply Chain Management for Enhanced Security
  27. An Enhanced Linear Convolution Based Fingerprint Biometric Authentication System
  28. Securely and Efficiently Outsourcing Decision Tree Inference
  29. A novel Intrusion Detection System against spoofing attacks in connected Electric Vehicles
  30. Can We Use Split Learning on 1D CNN Models for Privacy Preserving Training?
  31. Modelling, Analyzing and Predicting Security Cascading Attacks in Smart Buildings Systems-of-Systems
  32. Biologically Inspired Smart Contract: A Blockchain-Based DDoS Detection System
  33. End-to-End Evaluation of Federated Learning and Split Learning for Internet of Things
  34. Optimisation of Lightweight Klein Encryption Algorithm With 3 S-box
  35. Lightweight Security in Internet of Things through Block Cipher: KLEIN-64
  36. Differential Privacy Mechanisms for Privacy Preserving Data Analysis
  37. Towards a Self-Improving Hybrid Elasticity Controller for Cloud-Based Software Systems
  38. Leveraging lightweight blockchain to establish data integrity for surveillance cameras
  39. Towards IoT Security Automation and Orchestration: Challenges and Future Directions